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    Books: Cooking by Cuisine -> Cooking German

    What Grandma Used to Cook

    Druck, N. K. (Translator)
    Solomon, Brian (Translator)
    Solomon, Annette (Translator)
    Annette, Translation by

    NK-Druck Verlag Und Offsetdruckerei GmbH
    Published: December 1, 1998
    ISBN: 3980349144

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    Book Description
    From the Publisher
    Traditional German food like "what grandma used to cook" is fun, delicious, diverse and--a surpirse to many--healthful. What Grandma Used to Cook is creating a new interest and awareness in German food by showing that German food is easy to prepare, uses ingredients that are readily available, and can be enjoyed by just about anyone--whatever their dietary preferences.

    With versions in both German and in English (on facing pages), the recipes feature both meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as both hearty and light meals. Recipes can be used to make single servings or family sized meals. The recipes in German use metric measurements, which will be helpful to those raised on the metric system, as well as familiarizing others with the use of metric measurement. The English version of the recipes uses standard teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, ounces and other familiar measurements.

    Product Description:
    A cookbook with old German recipes in both German and English languages (German and English versions are on facing pages), "What Grandma Used to Cook" features hundreds of delicious and traditional German dishes, just like grandma used to make them. Recipes include unique and tasty Steamed Dumplings/Alsace, Potato Pancakes, Beer Soup, Hearts of Veal in Lemon Sauce, Winesaurkraut with Grapes, Cheese Spinach with Pancakes, Spicy Mushroom Pie, Meatballs with Oranges, and Cabbage Soup. Desserts include Gooseberry Cake, Pumpernickel Cake, Cranberry Cake, Cream Cheese Rasberry Cake, and Apple Cake Westphalian Style.

    Both hearty meat dishes and light, vegetarian recipes offer cooks of all types plenty of good food options.

    Most recipes call for incredients that are readily available, are easy to prepare and fit in with the modern desire for healthy cooking...with a touch of Old World tradition. Ideal gift for the cook in the family or the senior who loves nostalgia. Handy size makes it easy to use while preparing meals.

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    Cooking German cuisine
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