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    Books: Cooking by Cuisine -> Cooking Indian

    Betty Crocker's Indian Home Cooking

    Iyer, Raghavan

    Betty Crocker
    Published: April 1, 2001
    ISBN: 0764563157

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    Book Description
    From the Inside Flap
    Betty Crocker's Indian Home Cooking Namaste! Vannakam! With this welcome in two of India's many languages, Betty Crocker and culinary expert Raghavan Iyer invite you to join them in exploring the wonders of Indian food. If you enjoy a good food adventure, you'll love Indian cooking! With Betty and Raghavan as your guides, you'll savor the seductive aromas and flavors of Indian food in your own kitchen. Your tour of India's foods begins with a "pantry" guide to the ingredients that can get you started with a quick visit to the supermarket. The "magic" of Indian cooking is awakening your senses to all the wonderful spices that transform everyday ingredients into the truly exceptional. You can experience all the exotic flavors of India with eleven basic spices and a few choice lentils and beans that are widely available. You'll find that many staples of the Indian kitchen-spinach, potatoes, shrimp, yogurt and rice-are your favorites too. Turn to complete glossaries on spices and seasonings; fresh produce; and lentils and grains for in-depth explanations and photographs. Raghavan's lyrical memories, amusing stories and insightful descriptions of India, which accompany the recipes, give each one a context in the culture of this vast land. Now you're ready to cook! With over 180 recipes to choose from, there are dishes for every occasion-from an easy side to add pizzazz to weeknight dinners, like Spicy Potato Fry, to a great center-piece for a party, like Seafood Pilaf with Saffron. Find classic favorites that you've probably enjoyed at Indian restaurants, like crispy potato samosas, grilled chicken tandoori and home-baked naan breads. Always wanted to make Chai, the spiced tea that's so popular in coffee bars? The authentic and easy recipe that everyone drinks in India is here. Whatever you're in the mood for, you'll find it here. If you like to cook meatless meals once in awhile, you'll get lots of ideas and inspiration. Turn to the chapter on lentils for warming options like North Indian Chili. Crazy for breads? Serve Spiced Puffed Breads or Onion-filled Tandoori Breads to make any meal extra-special. Check out the desserts chapter for irresistible sweets like Banana-Coffee Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit with Cooling Spices. Or when you want an unforgettable dinner party or a fun picnic, just glance at the Indian menus section for great suggestions. Filled with beautiful food photography as well as gorgeous photographs of the people of India, her monuments and places of natural beauty, this book will transport you to a far-off land of enticing flavors. Visit Hungry Minds on-line at

    Product Description:
    This unique cookbook takes you on a culinary journey of India -- the land of fragrant spices and savory dishes. Working in collaboration with Raghavan Iyer, a noted Indian culinary expert, Betty Crocker takes the mystery out of Indian cooking while keeping every dish authentic and truly satisfying.

    The book includes delicious regional recipes from every area of India -- from hearty breads to spicy sauces, succulent main courses to sumptuous desserts -- all served up in Betty Crocker's signature style. It clearly explains the staples of the Indian kitchen, and offers buying tips as well as substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients.

    But this is more than just a cookbook. Fascinating photos and information about Indian traditions, as well as Chef Iyer's own memories of life in India, immerse you in the richness of India's land and culture -- and make this a book to savor.

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