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    The Best of Lord Krishna's Cuisine: Favorite Recipes from the Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

    Devi, Yamuna

    Plume Books
    Published: January 1, 1991
    ISBN: 0452266831

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    Book Description
    India's vegetable cuisine is the world's most varied. That was proven by Yamuna Devi's encyclopedic Lord Krishna's Cuisine: the Art of Vegetarian Cooking. Drawing on it, The Best of Lord Krishna's Cuisine presents 172 meatless dishes--detailed, wide-ranging recipes that focus on lightness and cooking ease. Readers seeking an introduction to the vibrant cooking of India's vegetarians (many Krishna devotees) as well as those wishing practical recipes for sophisticated meatless cooking will be delighted.

    Divided into chapters exploring dals (legumes), pilafs and vegetable dishes, salads, and snacks and desserts, among others, the book beautifully balances accessible recipes with lively investigation. (Devi examines, for example, the place of dals in Indian culinary tradition, their kinds and uses, nutritional value, and various preparation methods, including pressure cooking.) Equally useful are the recipe head notes, which offer extensive tips on techniques; flavor information; ingredient profiles and serving suggestions. Worth trying immediately are Devi's Curried Potatoes with Eggplant; Baked Bananas with Tamarind-Flavored Coconut; and Zucchini Pakoras with Crushed Peanuts, one of many delectable fritter recipes. Among the chutneys, the sweet tomato with fennel and the golden papaya chip would make exciting accompaniments. The desserts, including Cardamom Shortbread Cookies and Pistachio Milk Fudge, challenge the usual Western indifference to Indian sweets. The author also offers chilled drinks like the intriguing Perfumed Sandalwood Crush. Concluding with a comprehensive glossary, the book provides a window on an ancient culinary art made modern by Devi's inquiring spirit and practical know-how. --Arthur Boehm

    Product Description:
    A new edition of this classic cookbook is now available in a handy "best of" format.

    A decade ago Yamuna Devi's Lord Krishna's Cuisine was named Cookbook of the Year by the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). The James Beard Foundation then recognized Devi's second book, Yamuna's Table, as the Best International Cookbook of the year in 1992. Now this beloved author, lecturer, and teacher returns with her favorite dishes from the definitive Lord Krishna's Cuisine. Featuring 172 recipes like Sweet Saffron Rice with Currants and Pistachios, Savory Chickpeas in a Tangy Tomato Glaze, and Pear Chutney with Dates and Pecans, this book brings together the exotic flavors, delicate spices, and superb nutrition for which Indian cuisine is known and loved. Today's time-pressed cooks will appreciate both the simplicity of Yamuna Devi's approach and the dishes she has chosen. And fans of vegetarian Indian cuisine will appreciate the authenticity, the healthfulness, and the exquisite taste of these great recipes.

    "Wide-ranging, detailed . . . the product of a spiritual and culinary journey." --The New York Times (on Lord Krishna's Cuisine)

    "Definitive." --Gourmet (on Lord Krishna's Cuisine)

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