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    The Book of Sushi

    Omae, Kinjiro
    Tachibana, Yuzuru

    Kodansha International
    Published: October 1, 1988
    ISBN: 0870118668

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    Book Description
    Product Description:
    Sushi, that so typical Japanese food, has a history going back to prehistoric times. Over the centuries it has been refined into a surprising number of variations, from the simplest everyday fare--such as tuna wrapped in vinegared rice and crisp vitamin-rich nori seaweed--to elegant and imaginative sushi created for festive occasions. The centerpiece of this book is Edomae-zushi, the delicate, natural, fresh variety first made in Tokyo in the early nineteenth century and now popular throughout the world.

    The sushi shop, with its scrubbed wooden counter and fillets of raw fish sleeping in refrigerated cases right before the diner's eyes, is a memorable experience in itself but faced with such variety--and the special vocabulary of the sushi world--how and what does one order, how does one truly appreciate it? The answers are all here. The reader of The Book of Sushi will come to understand the basics of what the sushi chef must learn during his long apprenticeship: how fish and other seafoods are carefully selected, the season when certain species are at their best, how the fish and rice and other ingredientssome fresh from the mountains rather than the sea--are prepared in the most tasteful and tasty way. Here, too, are the utensils and techniques, fully illustrated, of sushi making and an assessment of the nutritional value of this marvelous, low-calorie source of vitamins and healthy, uncontaminated protein.

    The focus is always on the traditional--the best sushi--and with this beautifully illustrated book as a guide, the reader will know not only how to enjoy the sushi shop with savoir-faire, how, in fact, to become a connoisseur, but how to make and serve this intriguing, delightfully refreshing dish at home. Whether you're a near connoisseur or virtual novice, there's always more to learn about sushi. The Book of Sushi is jammed with tips on how to make these succulent morsels yourself, or order them like a veteran at a sushi bar. Learn to tell at a glance if fish is really fresh. Learn just what the sushi master's training entails. Learn just how good for you this dish really is. There's just one drawback: the more you learn about sushi, the more you'll probably start liking it. You may find sushi getting to be a habit.

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