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    Books: Cooking by Cuisine -> Cooking Mediterranean

    The Mediterranean Pantry : Creating and Using Condiments and Seasonings

    Kremezi, Aglaia
    Brigdale, Martin (Photographer)

    Published: January 9, 1994
    ISBN: 188518302X

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    Book Description
    From Library Journal
    A number of titles on preserving and on homemade condiments have appeared recently, including Charles Reavis's A Dash of Elegance (LJ 9/15/84) and Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz's Clearly Delicious (LJ 6/15/94), but this one is unusual in its focus on a particular area, the currently popular cuisines of the Mediterranean. Kremezi (The Foods of Greece, Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 1993) organizes her recipes by container, and in addition to the more common categories of pickles, flavored oils, relishes, and others "In Bottles" and "In Jars," she includes some "In Boxes," not only spice mixes and herb blends but also a number of baked goods that are good keepers. There are 70 recipes in all, many illustrated by full-page color photographs. Recommended for larger collections.
    Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Product Description:
    In The Mediterranean Pantry, Aglaia Kremezi presents 70 recipes for condiments and seasoning mixtures from France, Italy, Spain, the Eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa. The chapters correspond to how these provisions are preserved--in bottles, boxes, and jars. The text is accompanied by 20 color photographs that demonstrate how to turn these items into elegant gifts.

    The Mediterranean Pantry includes recipes for unusual and familiar condiments--preserves, flavored oils and vinegars, liqueurs, and spices using these products. Preserve colorful red, yellow, and green bell peppers in olive oil during the height of the season, and serve a tasty pasta sauce months later that you can make in minutes chopping the peppers and mixing with roasted garlic and olive oil. Or make a tart green tomato and mint relish before the first frost and enjoy it with roast lamb on a cold winter night. The Mediterranean Pantry will help you infuse sunny Mediterranean flavors into meals all years long.

    This delicious collection includes recipes for Preserved Lemons, Green Olives with Harissa and Orange, Green Fig Preserves, Fried Artichoke with Garlic in Olive Oil, Olive Oil with Truffles, and many other items with which to stock your pantry shelves. Many recipes are as simple as mixing several ingredients, with little or no cooking. In addition, a detailed list of mail-order sources ensures that even the most exotic ingredients will be available to all.

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    Cooking Mediterranean cuisine
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