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    Memories from a Russian Kitchen: From Shtetl to Golden Land

    Sogolow, Rosalie
    Stone, Bonnie

    Daniel and Daniel Pub
    Published: February 1, 1996
    ISBN: 1564741486

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    Book Description
    From Publishers Weekly
    This collection of recipes, anecdotes and memoirs collected from the students of the senior English as a Second Language classes of the Jewish Family Service in Santa Clara County, Calif., is a treat. The abundant text-stories and reminiscences-is warm and engaging. The recipes, too, although full of misordered ingredients and mysterious directions (a recipe for strudel cavalierly instructs, "Make a chain of filling across the top of the dough and roll dough over filling") and far from professional, reveal much about the contributors. Many people recall the long lines and lack of goods in the former Soviet Union; their recipes paint a picture of people who knew how to make something out of almost nothing, with results such as a broth-like yogurt concoction called Tanov (Armenian Soup) and Carrot Pancakes made with farina. Family photographs and such folk tidbits as "The Kugel Song" (in Yiddish) and a list of Russian proverbs ("Don't hang noodles on my ears!") and their English equivalents ("I wasn't born yesterday") are lots of fun.
    Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Product Description:
    The historical, cultural, and culinary lore of the former Soviet Union are preserved and shared in Memories from a Russian Kitchen--From Shtetl to Golden Land, a treasury of recipes and reminiscences by senior emigres from the former Soviet Union.

    "Food is more than sustenance," says editor Rosalie Sogolow. "It is a way to maintain and enjoy our heritage and the cultural diversity all around us. It is a way to come together and join the past to the future." When Sogolow invited her English as a Second Language students to share their favorite recipes, she found that they were inspired to share much more than combinations of ingredients. They revealed to her not only a rich culinary tradition but also their fascinating collective experience, encompassing two world wars and the unparalleled transition from shtetl existence and Tsarist monarch through communism to modern life in the "Golden Land" -- America.

    Thus Memories from a Russian Kitchen is more than a cookbook. It is also a collection of remarkable stories about life in the Soviet Union, including standing in line for bread, struggling to obtain an education, planning family weddings, and much more. Beautifully illustrated by contemporary artist Bonnie Stone, the book reflects the spirit, fortitude, and irrepressible sense of humor of the Russian people despite the overwhelming hardships they faced.

    Over one hundred and fifty homestyle recipes fill this precious volume, including such classic recipes as gefilte fish, borscht, kugel, and rugelah as well as family favorites like Matvei's Chicken Soup, Grandmother's Napoleon, and Lilichka's Cake. The book makes every effort to follow traditional Jewish dietary laws, and kosher substitutes are supplied wherever appropriate. Memories from a Russian Kitchen is for anyone interested in Russian Jewry, Russian history, Russian culture, and Russian cuisine.--This text refers to the

    Paperback edition.

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