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    A Drizzle of Honey: The Life and Recipes of Spain's Secret Jews

    Gitlitz, David M.
    Davidson, Linda Kay

    St. Martin's Griffin
    Published: September 25, 2000
    ISBN: 0312267304

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    Book Description
    From Publishers Weekly
    A husband-and-wife team of University of Rhode Island professors presents a cookbook of medieval recipes that is, more significantly, a document of religious persecution during the Spanish Inquisition. Sixteen pages of endnotes and a six-page bibliography attest to its authority. Thousands of Iberian Jews were forced to convert to Christianity in the late 15th century, and while many assimilated, others clung to earlier customs?including dietary edicts. Gitlitz and Davidson report trial testimonies in which crypto-Jews?those who secretly struggled to maintain their Jewish identity and customs?were betrayed by what they ate, what they wouldn't eat and how their food was prepared. Recipes reconstructed for today's kitchens include dishes such as Isabel Gonzalez's Eggplant and Onion Stew and Blanca Ramierez's Meatball Stew. Another revealing dish is Radishes and Stuffed Crop, skin from chicken necks stuffed with radishes and herbs. Many meals reflect a fondness for the sweetness of honey and the savory blend of herbs and spices. They range from Mayor Gonzalez's Cold White Lamb Casserole, made with rose water, cinnamon and almond milk, to five different matzas, including one with mashed chestnuts. Gitlitz and Davidson offer an erudite look into both culinary and Jewish history.
    Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.--This text refers to the

    Hardcover edition.

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