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    recipe title: Nero Wolfe's Bread Triangles Fried in Anchovy Butter
    category: Appetizers, Other
    keywords: appetizers, bread
    servings: 4
         12 sl White bread
        1/2 c  Anchovy butter
    Trim the crusts from the bread and cut the slices into triangles. Butter one side of each slice with anchovy butter and set aside. Heat two tablespoons of the butter in a large skillet and arrange as many triangles in the pan as possible. When they are golden brown on the bottom, turn and cook them on the other side. Add more butter as needed. Serve warm. (Serves 4 or 1 Archie) (If Death Ever Slept) SOURCE: The Nero Wolfe Cookbook by Rex Stout The Viking Press, Inc. 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022 ISBN 670-50599-4 Library of Congress #72-75754 1973 Posted by: Bob Emert

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