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    recipe title: Nuts and Bolts
    category: Appetizers, Other
    keywords: appetizers, nuts
    servings: 5
        1/2 c  Margarine
        1/4 c  Salad oil
        1/4 c  Bacon fat
        1/2 c  Worcestershire sauce
          2 ts Garlic salt
          4 ts Celery salt
          4 c  Unblanched almonds (or mixed
          4 c  Wheat chex or other small
               -shredded wheat squares
          4 c  Rice chex
          2 c  Cheerios
          2 c  Thin pretzels
          1    8-10 oz package cheese
               -flings or similar cracker
    Melt the margarine, oil, and bacon fat. Stir in worcestershire sauce. Add salts. Remove from heat and let stand a few minutes. In large roasting pan combine nuts, cereals, pretzels, and cheese snack crackers. Pour sauce over this and toss to blend. Bake uncovered in slow oven (200F) for 2 hours, stirring every 30 minutes. Makes 5 quarts. Origin: A Taste of Oregon Shared by: Sharon Stevens.

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