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    PrimaRecipes --> Pasta

    category: Pasta
    keywords: pasta, mushroom
    servings: 4 servings
          9 oz Noodles
         18 oz Ground Beef
          1 cn Mushrooms
          7    Tomatoes
          1    Leek
          1 pk American Cheese Slices
          1 pk Emmental Cheese Slices
          4    Eggs
         15 oz Cream
               Chives frozen, to taste
          1    Clove Garlic
    1.Cut mushrooms,leek and tomatoes into slices. 2. Cook noodles in saltwater as directed. 3.Fry the ground beef with the leek and the mushrooms in oil for a short time, season with salt,pepper and garlic. 4.Get a souffle pan and put in as follows ;noodles,tomatoes,cheese, noodles,tomatoes, cheese. The form should be only 3/4 full. Mix eggs,cream, chives,pepper and salt together and pour it over ,evenly. Bake in a 200-220 C oven for 45-50 minutes. Translated by Brigitte Sealing, Cyberealm BBS 315-786-1120

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