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    recipe title: BAHMI GORENG (FRIED NOODLES)
    category: Pork
    keywords: Indonesian, main dish
    servings: 4 servings
         11 oz Chinese noodles (mie)
         11 oz Pork; minced
          7 oz Sausages
          2 oz Shrimp; peeled cooked
          2 oz Ham
          1    Onion
          2    Garlic clove
          4 oz Bean sprouts
          4 oz Snow peas
          4 oz Endive
               Celery; bunch
               Chives, fresh
          1 t  Ginger, ground
        3/4 t  Pepper, white
          1 T  Ketjap manis
          1    Lemon; (opt)
    Cook the noodles according to the directions on the pack. Cut the onions and garlic into fine pieces. Make little balls of the minced pork and fry this together with the sausages in a wok or wide frying pan. Then add the cooked noodles and stir-fry. Now add all the vegetables, soy sauce, shrimp, ham, and spices, add salt and pepper to taste ans stir-fry till it is thoroughly hot. Serve on a plate. Add soy sauce, Sambal Oelek, or Sambal Manis to taste. Sambal Manis (dark hot condiment) is used more with these two than the soy based pork ones. --- Jen Kuiper

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