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    PrimaRecipes --> Seafood

    recipe title: Tuna Pate
    category: Seafood
    keywords: Appetizers
    servings: 6
         10 oz Canned white albacore tuna,
               -packed in oil, drained*
          1 c  Butter, softened
          2    To 3 drops lemon juice
          2    To 3 drops Tabasco sauce
         10 md Shrimp, cooked, shelled and
          3 tb Coarsely chopped pimiento
          2 tb Drained tiny capers
    An inspired and inexpensive seafood hors d'oeuvre. salt and freshly ground pepper to taste Combine tuna, butter, lemon juice and Tabasco in a food processor or blender, process until mixture is smooth. Transfer to a bowl, add shrimp, pimiento and capers, mix well. Season with salt and pepper, taste and adjust seasoning (pate must be highly seasoned). Pack into a well-oiled 3-cup loaf pan or mold, chill 24 hours. To serve, let stand 30 minutes at room temperature, unmold on a plate. Garnish with parsley or watercress sprigs and sliced stuffed olives. Serve with buttered toast rounds. *Do not substitute water-packed tuna 10 servings

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