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    PrimaRecipes --> Soups

    category: Soups
    keywords: soups, beef, rice
    servings: 8 servings
          2    (1-in) chunks fresh ginger
          3    Shallots; unpeeled
          1    Onion; unpeeled
      2 1/2 qt Water
      1 1/2 lb Oxtails
               - chopped into sections
          1 lb Beef shank
          2    Whole star anise
          1    Cinnamon stick
          3    Whole cloves
        1/4 c  Vietnamese fish sauce
               -(nuoc mam)-
          1 ts Salt; or to taste
        1/2 lb Flat rice-stick noodles
               - soaked in water
               - for 20 minutes
          6 oz Sirloin steak
               - trimmed of fat and sliced
               - into paper-thin slices
          1    Onion; sliced thin
          2 c  Bean sprouts
        1/4 c  Fresh coriander leaves
               - (coarsely chopped)
          2    Green onions
               - cut into 2-in-long
               - thin julienne slices
          1    Lime; sliced into 8 wedges
          2    Red chiles; thinly sliced
    PUT GINGER, SHALLOTS AND ONION on a baking sheet; place under a hot broiler until charred. In a stock pot, bring the water, oxtails and beef shank to a boil. Thoroughly skim and discard the scum from the surface of the stock. Drop the charred ingredients, star anise, cinnamon stick and cloves into pot, reduce to low heat; simmer for 2 hours. Remove the meat. Remove and shred the meat from the shank and reserve. Return the bone to the simmering stock. Simmer 1 hour longer. When soup is done, remove and discard bones. Strain and degrease stock; add fish sauce and salt. Keep warm. In a separate pot, bring 3 quarts water to a boil. Drain noodles and add to boiling water; cook for 1 minute. Drain in a colander. Divide noodles among 8 soup bowls (about 1-to-2-cup-size bowls). Divide and top each bowl of noodles with shredded cooked beef, the raw sirloin steak slices, onion slices and bean sprouts. Ladle about 1 1/4 cups hot soup stock (this will cook the beef) to cover the noodles and beef, top with fresh coriander and green onions. Serve with squeeze of lime and chiles.

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