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    PrimaRecipes --> Vegetarian

    category: Vegetarian
    keywords: E, G, E
    servings: 6 servings
          1 t  Olive oil
        1/2 c  Onion sliced
          3 c  Mushrooms sliced
          1 T  Garlic clove minced
          2 md Carrots
         10 oz Broccoli frozen
          2 T  Tomato paste
          1 c  Vegetable Broth (home made)
          2 t  Cornstarch
        1/4 c  Yogurt Plain, nonfat
        1/4 c  Sour Cream lite
          4 c  Noodles, cooked
    Chop carrots. Mushrooms are just halved. In a skillet over medium high heat, heat oil;saute onion about 3 minutes until soft. Add mushrooms and garlic continue cooking another 5 minutes. Spoon into slow cooker. Add broccoli, carrots, tomato paste and stock. Cover and cook on medium for 4 hours until most of the liquid is absorbed. Caution the carrots may have to be precooked. Cook noodles per directions. In a small sauce pan stir together cornstarch, yogurt and sour cream. Heat gently over low heat for 1 minute. (do not let sauce boil- it will curdle) Stir sauce into vegetable mixture. Serve over cooked noodles.

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