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  Submit Recipe from Recipe Organizer Deluxe

Recipe Organizer Deluxe recipe organizer deluxe submit
  • Start Recipe Organizer Deluxe
  • Click on the Browser Tab (1)
  • Copy the following address to the Browser Address Box (2) and press Enter on your keyboard. The organizer's browser will load XML Import Form from our server.
  • Click on the Export (3) button. This opens the XML Import Mapping window. Read instruction below about setting Field Mapping.
  • After you define Field Mapping the selected recipe will be inserted into the XML Import Form (4).
  • You can submit more than one recipe. Select another recipe (5) and click again on the Export button
  • Click on the Import (6) button. Recipes will be exported to our Recipe Archive.
Field Mapping Window mapping window

To define field mapping do the following:
  • Select the field in the Source Field (A) list box. Recipe database loaded into Recipe Organizer Deluxe
  • Select the corresponding data field in the Target Fields (B) list box. Web database.
  • Click on the Arrow Key > (C). The defined mapping will be displayed in the Field Mapping (D) list box.
  • After you define all Field Mappings click on the OK button.

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