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PrimaSoft Sports Card Organizer 2.1
Windows 3.x, 16-bit, Win 95 compatible
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Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT users click here:
Sports Card Organizer, Win95,98,2000,NT

PrimaSoft Sports Card Organizer is a powerful and flexible program that will help you organize your card collection. All your information about any kind of cards can now be stored at one place and easily retrieved.

Data entry is easy, and you can customize the fields to fit your particular needs (some fields include: card name, sport, brand, type, position, category, graphic of the player or team, notes...).

-Notebook-like interface (complete with alphabetical tabs);
-The program organizes and displays the data efficiently, so that the information is readily accessible in a variety of ways;
-Resizable main window with self-adjusting data fields;
-Selectable Fonts for various elements of the main window;
-Templates for adding new records, printing reports, printing labels;
-Easily search for information;
-Define filters to display only selected records;
-Sort records by any field (primary, and secondary sort fields);
-Define and print a variety of reports directly from the program, print preview;
-Print labels (support for American/European Avery labels);
-Export/import data to/from ASCII/Dbase file;
-Capture graphic images directly from the program;
-The program is network aware and can easily be used on multi-user systems;
-Custom data fields;

PC 486DX CPU or better, 8-16 MB RAM; Color monitor; Windows 95/NT (32-bit) or Windows 3.1 (16-bit); Requires 5 megabytes of disk space.

Details: Print Reports; Data fields; Customization; Filter; Sort.

Screenshots: Main Window; Report Options; Application Options; Filter.

Download free, fully functional demo(shareware) version:

Windows 3.x 16-bit version (1.9MB) (Win95 compatible):
Download from PrimaSoft (Our Site)

Windows 95, NT users click here:
Sports Card Organizer v3.0, 32-bit, Win95,NT

Buy Now : Click here to purchase the program online : Online Store . 30 days money back guarantee!!

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