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SMTP server : this is your email host for sending out email messages;
Email user id or full sender address: enter your user id or full email address;
Signon Text (optional, only if HELLO command required): Some SMTP servers may require some form of authentication or login before an email message can be sent. The simplest form of this is HELLO command followed by a Signon Text.
UserId, Password, Authentication Type (optional, only if authentication is required): More advanced authentication requires a Userid and a Password, enter it here. There can be 3 Authentication Types: Plain, Login, and Cram-MD5.
Message body: enter information that you would like to send when the scheduled transfer is completed. It can contain the following keywords: LOG (ftp transfer log details), DATE (date of the scheduled transfer), TIME (time of the scheduled transfer). More keywords could be added in the future.

automated email notification

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