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ORGANIZER'S HTML WIZARD: HTML Wizard lets you create quality, professionally looking WEB pages, virtual catalogs or stores, inventory reports with color and graphics.

EASY DISTRIBUTION: HTML documents are the best form to distribute information. HTML documents are platform independent. Your customers, employees, partners, clients can view your WEB pages on any computer with a browser, even though, they do not have access to the Internet.

LOW COST: It's the cheapest way to share information with other people. You do not need Network and Site Licenses for a program just to give members, employees, clients, and partners an access to a database. You can put your data on the Internet or Intranet, or on any computer with a browser. You can also copy compressed HTML documents to a floppy diskette and send it to your clients.

NOTE: All PrimaSoft WEB Pages and HTML Examples have DB-HTML Converter Pro logo at the bottom. DB-HTML Converter PRO (changes all databases to HTML, value 103 US$) in the form of the HTML Wizard is included in all our Organizers (3.0v, 32-bit).

Example Example Contains Files: HTML, GIF Design Time (minutes) Generation Time (seconds) Data Organized With
Biolife Text, Tables, Images 70 10 1 Inventory Organizer (Customized)
Collector's Resources Menues, Text, Tables, Images 500 80 10 Internet Organizer
Scanners, Digital Cameras Text, Tables 2 10 1 Address Organizer

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