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Filter, Quick Search

Very often data administrators would like to execute repeated actions on the selected group of records. In Advantage you can define filter, save it, and then quickly activate it. The group of records is displayed and you can apply actions (review, print report, update, print labels, send emails ...)

For example in our business we enter customers who purchased our software into CUSTOMERS table, at the end of the week we prepare packages for clients who selected CDROM delivery. In the CUSTOMERS table we defined a filter PRINT=Y. The filter is executed, and for the displayed group of records we print shipping labels, shipping documents, and process shipments. This filter is easily accessible in the Quick Search / Filter box.

filter, quick search, display group of records

You can build simple or complex search queries (filters) in the Advanced Search toolbar section. In this example the loaned out items fitler (LoanedItems) is defined as LOANEDTO <> '' (LOANEDTO value is not empty).

define quick search, filter, example: loaned items
  • In the Quick Search/Filter (1) box select LoanedItems.
  • Only loaned out library items are displayed. The librarian can review and process the list.
  • Click Clear (2) to display all records.


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