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America's 100 Most Wanted Birds

Mlodinow, Steven G.

Published:September 1, 1996

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If you want to see a gyrfalcon or a fork-tailed flycatcher, this resource might be your best help in spotting them. Mostly for serious birders intent on adding species to their life lists, America's 100 Most Wanted Birds provides detailed strategies for locating 100 of the most uncommon-to-rare bird species in the lower 48. Driving directions are included for locating species that can generally be counted on to show their feathers in a certain area (like the gyrfalcon); the rest are dealt with more generally in relation to when and where they are most apt to appear.

Product Description:
Here's how to find 100 of the rarest birds in the contiguous United States. America's 100 Most Wanted Birds is your complete guide to finding Ross' Gull, Kirtland's Warbler, Lucifer Hummingbird, Blue-footed Booby, and 96 others. No serious birder's library should be without it. Authors Steven G Mlodinow and Michael O'Brien, two of the country's top birders, have done exhaustive research on each bird and presented it in an easy-to-use format. Each species description includes information on present status and distribution, patterns of occurrence, favored locations, identification, and your best bets for a successful sighting. A special Site Guide gives you the latest information on the hottest birding areas in the country-all the important information you need to plan your next birding trip.

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