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The Official Price Guide to Collecting Books, 4th Edition (Official Price Guide to Collecting Books)


House of Collectibles
Published:January 8, 2002

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Description: From the Publisher
It's easy to run into difficulties buying old books -- the language of antiquarian bookselling alone is confusing (I knew what "dog-eared" pages were, but what about books that are "foxed"?). The 30-odd-page glossary in OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE TO OLD BOOKS is reason alone to own a copy. And there are so many variables on which prices for old books are set. Old books can be found at every flea market and garage sale, as well as those dusty, fascinating antiquarian bookshops and second-hand bookstores. Marie Tedford -- who is a bookseller herself -- and Pat Goudey have made life easier for all us old book lovers. The guide offers concrete examples of what can make a book worth its weight in gold -- or leave it worthy only for the recycling bin.

I especially loved the chapter on children's books. Right now, my old book searches are to locate copies of the Sue Barton and Cherry Ames nurse novels from the thirties and forties. Don't ask me why I loved those nurse books so much when I was a kid -- I wanted to be an actress then, and I'm an editor now -- but years ago, before I had the advantage of having a copy of OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE TO OLD BOOKS, I paid way too much for a copy of my very favorite picture book from when I was three or four -- THE VALENTINE CAT. Thanks to Marie and Pat, I won't make that mistake again!

--Randy Ladenheim-Gil, Editor, House of Collectibles --This text refers to the

Paperback edition.

Product Description:
A Collector's Guide to the Wonderful World of Books!

Whether you've found a century-old cookbook in your attic, are curious about your favorite contemporary author, or want to appraise a classic from your childhood, The Official # Price Guide to Collecting Books offers all the professional advice and information you need to determine the right values and the proper care for your books.

COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED: The Official # Price Guide to Collecting Books contains values for thousands of titles, from classic to contemporary, to help you enrich your shelves with unforgettable stories and priceless collectibles!

LISTINGS BY AUTHOR FOR EASY REFERENCE: Plus, there are listings of authors cross-referenced by category.

EVERY GENRE IS INCLUDED: From medical texts and early travel journals to science fiction and poetry, this incredible sourcebook covers both the old and the new-from Shakespeare and Dickens to Clancy and Grisham.

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: This book contains valuable tips on buying, selling, and preserving your books, as well as a complete glossary of book-collecting terms.

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