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Getting Your Book Published for Dummies

Zackheim, Sarah Parsons
Zackheim, Adrian

For Dummies
Published:July 17, 2000

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Description: From the Publisher
Discover how to:

Choose a book idea
Get inspired to write
Find a market for your work
Choose a publisher
Act as your own agent
Negotiate your contract
Self-publish your book on the Web

Product Description:
There's never been a better time to be an author. Books like the Harry Potter series create a media phenomenon, with people lining up and camping outside bookstores to purchase newly released titles. Yet book sales overalland#160;-and#160;not just those of mega-sellersand#160;-and#160;are on the rise, as more and more people seek knowledge and entertainment through reading. The Library of Congress currently registers about 60,000 new titles for copyright each year. 60,000 books by 60,000 authors. Imagine yourself as one.

Getting Your Book Published For Dummies is your complete guide to realizing whatever gem of an idea you've been carrying with you. If you've ever thought, "this would make a really good book," be it the next great American novel or a guide to naming babies, here's your chance to put pen to paper and find out! Written from both sides of the editor's deskand#160;-and#160;by a widely published writer and a HarperCollins veteran publisherand#160;-and#160;this guide puts in your hand the advice you need to:

Pick an idea
Approach the publisher
Craft proposals and queries
Work with agents, or act as your own
Negotiate a contract
Create the actual book
Sell your published book

Full of examples, proposals, query letters, and war stories drawn from the authors' extensive experience, Getting Your Book Published For Dummies shows you how to clear all the hurdles faced by today's writersand#160;-and#160;freeing up precious time for you to refine your manuscript. You'll get the inside scoop on:

Titling your book
Major publishers, smaller houses, niche publishers, university presses, and spiritual and religious publishers
The 12 elements of a successful nonfiction proposal
How editors read queries
Submitting fiction
Publishing outside the box
And much more

Getting Your Book Published For Dummies is the clear, A-Z handbook that makes the entire processand#160; plain and practicable. You don't need to be a celebrity. You don't need to be some kind of publishing insider. All you need to do is write.

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