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Is There a Book Inside You?: Writing Alone or With a Collaborator

Poynter, Dan
Bingham, Mindy
Stryker, Sandy (Editor)

Para Publishing
Published:October 1, 1998

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Description: From the Publisher
"The authors use not only text and examples of successful ventures, but a variety of charts and tests to help the reader evaluate self, topic and form, and provide the mechanics of authoring and publishing." - Library Journal "It is intelligently compiled and written and, most important of all, it is responsibly encouraging." - Book Research Quarterly "This book is a useful tool for anyone starting out and a fine reference guide for established writers." - Arizona Authors' Newsletter "Even if you do nothing but read the quotations at the bottom of many of the pages you will receive some entertaining advice and inspiration." - Publishers Digest "If you have never written a book, or if you have written many, this book is a valuable reference. It is a comprehensive little atlas of the book writing process, from choosing a marketable topic, to researching the topic, organizing it, and marketing it." - The Northwest Review of Books "This book is easy to read, full of valuable information that is easy to apply." - Computer Exchange Review "For those of you planning to write that book someday, Is There a Book Inside You? is a must." - Press News Syndicate "The entire book has a practical, fresh, no-nonsense tone and, as always in one of Dan's books, is overflowing with information, including the valuable lists in the appendix." - Marin Self-Publishers News "The book looks at agents and what they can do, the standard publishing houses, vanity publishers, and, of course, just plain doing it yourself. If you want to go the self-publishing route, this book is a valuable tool." -Aviation/Space Writers Association Newsletter "A work that any would-be author needs to read and digest thoroughly. There's no nonsense here, just a head-on, very direct, point-by-point authoritative overview of how a book is written, manufactured and then marketed, using every bit of creative energy possible. Is There a Book Inside You? really tells it like it is, not some fanciful approach, no watered down vague theories or opinions. This book should be required reading for anyone serious about producing a literary project of value. Find this book; it works."- The Coast Book Review Service "Good resource book. You can't go wrong adding any of Poynter's books to your reference library."- Freelance Writer's Report. "A paint-by-the numbers system for writing a book."-Feminist Bookstore News. "It's a down-to-earth "how-to" and a kick in the pants to get you going."- The Whole Earth Catalog "Fresh ideas and innovative approach found nowhere else in other how-to-write books. Well researched and clearly presented."- Great Cookbooks Writing/Reference Give The World a Piece of Your Mind . . . Write Your Book Join the ranks of those who shape our society. Is There a Book Inside You? is your step-by-step plan.

You will learn:

o How to pick your topic

o How to break the topic down into easy-to-attack projects

o How and where to do research

o A process that make writing (almost) easy

o How to improve your material

o How to manage your writing partnerships

o How to evaluate your publishing options

o How to develop an individualized and workable plan Did you know that few books are the work of only one person? Do you think celebrities have time to write? This book will show you the secrets of breaking into print even if you are not a polished writer. You will learn how and where to find help such as:

o Researchers

o Editors

o Peer reviewers

o Clerical support

o Contract writers

o Co-authors

"Is There a Book Inside You? Introduces the science of management to the art of writing." --Jan Nathan, Executive Director Publisher's Marketing Association "This book is a useful tool for anyone starting out and a fine reference guide for established writers." --Authors' Newsletter "Is There a Book Inside You? is important to every writer. Writing books for others is good exercise; it hones your writing skills and keeps your writing mind active and alert while it buys time for your own writing." --Don Bower, Executive Director Nat

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