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Writing from the Body: For Writers, Artists, and Dreamers Who Long to Free Your Voice

Lee, John
Miller-Kritsberg, Ceci
Lee, John H.

St. Martin's Press
Published:December 1, 1994

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Description: From Library Journal
Much of this book is based on counselor Lee's workshop of the same name. It promotes his Zen-like approach to writing, using exercises and meditation to free the inner voice from inhibitions and seek out one's truths. Targeting those with writer's block, Lee argues that the call to write is felt first in the body, and his exercises seek to find that call. With chapter titles such as "Loving the Inner Artist," he aims to build the writer's self-esteem. This work is more about writing as therapy than about writing technique, and it is written with a level of zeal more often found in self-help books. Though Lee's counseling insight seems genuine, the content is thin; there may have been a breakdown in translating the workshop into a book. Still, this title might cure writer's block, and it's cheaper than a therapist. It could find a home in large writing collections.
Robert C. Moore, DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co. Information Svcs., N. Billerica, Mass.
Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description:
A book about spirit, creativity, and the inner life of the writer

Certain writing books go beyond questions of craft and art to explore the deepest sources of the creative impulse. Writing from the Body is not a "head book"; it is a heart book, a shoulder book, a hand book, a back book, and a soul book that liberates writers from the shackles of self-consciousness and doubt.

Developed from John Lee's popular workshops that have helped thousands of writers, this book offers meditative techniques, physical exercises, and candid counseling--all designed to combat the fears, self-imposed standards, and suppressed feelings that block creative potential. Inspirational qutoes from poems and prose develop John Lee's central message: in order to write from the truth of our total experience, we most return to our bodies.

As Lee notes, "The call to write is a call that's received in the body first. If we are to answer this call, we have to feel every part of our lives. In this book you'll learn the grammar of the gut, the syntax of the sinews, the launage of the legs. For everyone who is tired of living life in the little closet between the ears, get ready."

Any writer, artist, teacher, or psychologist interested in the creative process will find this book invaluable, a lasting source of hope and power.

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