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Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interests in Genre Fiction

Herald, Diana Tixier

Libraries Unlimited
Published:April 15, 2000

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Description: From Booklist
Genreflecting, in its fourth edition, is still a good book for all libraries that serve fiction readers. Most librarians depend on this title to cover such popular genres as crime, adventure, romance, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, defining each along with its many subgenres and listing good books in each category.

Much material remains unchanged from the third edition (1991), but new features include the subgenre "Legal Thriller" ; the division of "Thriller" into "Crime" and "Adventure" ; and more diversity in detectives of various cultures and persuasions, reflecting this situation in the novels themselves. Another new feature is "D's Picks," in which the author, a life-long reader of genre fiction, shares her favorite titles in each genre. A sampling of the chapter on Westerns revealed 33 authors or titles dropped in this edition (older titles not likely to be available in libraries) and 13 added. New sections are "Precontact Indians" and "Inspirational Westerns," while "Cowboy Songs" and "Horse Operas" (books about cowboy films) were dropped.

Although Genreflecting was originally designed for library school students familiarizing themselves with genre fiction, the work is perfect for librarians and patrons searching for "good reads." Besides information on authors and titles, there is background material on each genre (anthologies, bibliographies and encyclopedias, history and criticism, organizations, publishers, etc.). Highly recommended where information on genre fiction is sought. --This text refers to the

Hardcover edition.

Product Description:
Covering nearly 6,000 titles in such popular genres as crime, adventure, romance, western, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, Herald's best-selling reference defines each, describes its characteristics and subgenres, and groups authors and books according to type or subject. You'll also learn about some of the latest subgenres that have emerged.

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