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Lesbian and Gay Voices: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Literature for Children and Young Adults

Day, Frances Ann

Greenwood Press
Published:June 30, 2000

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Description: From School Library Journal
This much-needed, thorough guide should be a welcome addition for those librarians who have struggled for years to find positive, compassionate books to give support to les-bian and gay youth and children of lesbian/gay parents. Following a poignant foreword by Nancy Garden and the evalua-tion guidelines used for this bibliography, Day provides detailed, critical annotations for more than 275 recommended books, arranged in six categories: picture books, fiction, short stories, nonfiction, biography/autobiography, and adult/professional re-sources. The last chapter contains 16 profiles (with black-and-white photos) of authors who have made significant contributions to this field of literature. Two appendixes list a calendar of lesbian/gay events and resources, including hot lines, publications, and organizations; and title, author, and topic indexes are provided. There is one minor flaw: some sloppy editing has missed a few typos and at least one error in the Nancy Garden annotations, in which the infamous book burning is referred to as being in Kansas City, MO, in one place and in Kansas City, KS, in another. Still, this is an extraordinary compilation that belongs in every collection.
Betty S. Evans, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield
Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description:
Librarians and educators have long recognized the power of literature to touch the hearts and minds of readers of all ages. Lesbian and Gay Voices celebrates an exciting body of work that is emerging in the field of literature for young readers. Though more than three million lesbian and gay teenagers live in the United States, and millions more young people live with gay or lesbian family members, their diverse voices are often neglected. One way to provide help for these youngsters who often experience isolation and despair is to share compassionate books that deal honestly with the very issues with which young people themselves are grappling. Here at last is a unique and comprehensive reference tool to fill that need. Written to support librarians and educators in their efforts to provide young people with positive literary images, this groundbreaking guide provides detailed annotations and recommendations for over 275 books.

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