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The Children's Song Index, 1978-1993:

Laughlin, Kay
Frantz, Pollyanne S.
Branton, Ann

Libraries Unlimited
Published:December 15, 1995

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Description: From Booklist
This book indexes more than 2,500 songs from 77 song books listed in Cumulative Book Index, 1977^-1994. It updates Peterson and Fenton's Index to Children's Songs (Wilson, 1979) and is similarly arranged. This index enables educators to search for a specific song by song title, first line, or subject. In certain instances, see also references indicate variations in spelling or wording of the same song. For example, in the song-title index, there are cross-references to three variant spellings for "Eency Weency Spider." Each reference in the three indexes is followed by a numeric book code and page number that corresponds to the source-book list found at the front of the volume. In addition, a subject guide, actually a thesaurus of subject headings, gathers the headings under the broadest terms. Most of the songs indexed are in English, although more than 15 other languages are represented.

A quick-reference tool for those who need to locate in which songbook a particular song can be found, this index encompasses songs appealing to children pre-kindergarten through middle school and would be an asset to all educators, musicians, and librarians who work with children in that age range.

Product Description:
In which songbook can you find "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Shake My Sillies Out," or "The Teddy Bear's Picnic"? Which Raffi book has "The Shaving Song"? If you have ever spent hours or even days searching for a song title or words to a partially remembered song, you will appreciate this book. It indexes nearly 2,000 songs in songbooks published between 1978 and 1993. The songs, primarily in the English language, reflect Western culture and are commonly used in school and children's programs. Alphabetical title and first line indexes provide ready access to the songs; a complete subject index with 425 headings and cross-references helps users locate songs for special programs and other needs. A list of the books indexed, arranged alphabetically by author, provides complete bibliographic data on each song collection.

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