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The Social Sciences: A Cross-Disciplinary Guide to Selected Sources

Herron, Nancy L. (Editor)

Libraries Unlimited
Published:June 6, 2002

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Description: From Booklist
This is a collection of bibliographic essays written or updated by 12 subject specialist librarians, all but two of whom are at Penn State University. After an opening chapter for general social science sources, each chapter treats one of the traditional social science disciplines: political science, economics, business, history, law, anthropology, sociology, education, psychology, geography, and communication. The subtitle, A Cross-Disciplinary Guide to Selected Sources, implies special attention to newer cross- or interdisciplinary fields, such as women's studies, gender studies, and queer (or lesbian-gay) studies, but these areas are completely ignored--they don't even make the subject index. Areas studies, by now well-established cross-disciplinary social science areas, do receive limited attention (six pages, according to the subject index).

Each chapter opens with an essay about the nature of the discipline and its information sources. The various sections devoted to types of sources begin with brief overviews. Unfortunately, source citations do not include an indication of extent (pagination or number of volumes), but they are followed by descriptive annotations and means of electronic access if that is available. The volume concludes with indexes for authors (both personal and corporate), titles, and subjects. The subject index is largely a rearrangement of the table of contents.

Any reference guide reaching its third edition is well on its way to becoming an established tool for librarians, scholars, and students. This useful tool is recommended for academic and large public libraries. RBB
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Hardcover edition.

Product Description:
The third edition of this now standard text in universities nationwide has been updated and expanded to comprise more than 1500 annotated citations, offering librarians and researchers fast and easy access to some of the best and most commonly used resources in social science literature. Prepared by leading subject specialist librarians and arranged by discipline.

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