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Book Fairs: An Exhibiting Guide for Publishers

Poynter, Dan

Para Pub
Published:June 1, 1985

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Description: From the Publisher
Secrets of Exhibiting Revealed

Exhibitors spend a lot of time and money preparing for, and working, the BEA and other book fairs. Some return home with lots of book orders and a new insight on the industry; all return home tired. Book fairs can be both fun and profitable--if you are prepared. But, how does one prepare?

Book Fairs is absolutely the last word on publishing trade shows. It should be required reading for first-time exhibitors while it is a valuable reminder/checklist for the seasoned veteran. This book is so good, parts of it were extracted for reprint in Publishers Weekly.

Product Description:
Book Fairs Sell Books

Book fairs provide publishers with an opportunity to meet the buying public in a most economical way. Buyers, be they from stores or the ultimate reader, are there to buy, they come in large quantities and they come to you. In addition to selling books, you can learn more about the book industry, marketing and current industry trends in two days at a book fair--if you are prepared--than you could in a year of intense study. But how does one prepare?

Dan Poynter's Book Fairs, An Exhibiting Guide for Publishers provides everything you need to successfully select, arrange and operate a booth at a book fair. It is full of inside tips on how to work a fair to your maximum advantage whether you are staffing a booth or working the floor.

Book Fairs provides criteria for selecting fairs appropriate to your books; deciding on booth locations; a comparison of building, buying and renting displays; guidelines for designing the booth; descriptions of unique sign making techniques; reasons for give-away items; explanations of several sales approaches; a discussion of costs; tips on effective booth management; an outline of the pros and cons of exhibiting services; how to visit the other booths and much, much more. Like all of Dan's books, there are lots of details, inside information, checklists and sources. The appendix provides addresses for the fairs, suppliers of displays and materials, reference books, magazines, associations, and consultants.

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