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Book Collecting 2000: A Comprehensive Guide (Collected Books)

Ahearn, Allen
Ahearn, Patricia

Putnam Publishing Group
Published:January 1, 2000

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Penzler's Picks, July 2000: Huge numbers of readers I have known over the years have--sometimes reluctantly, always hesitantly, inevitably happily--decided that it was a good idea to take care of their books, save the ones they especially liked, and maybe even go so far as to get them autographed by their favorite authors. This is the beginning of bibliophilia, which can ultimately lead to bibliomania--the gentlest and happiest form of insanity. When these stirrings begin, it is important to have some guideposts, and this book is like the firm hand of a wise old mentor, gently leading the novice down that most delicious garden path. It is also exceptionally comprehensive, and thus of great value to nearly every collector, even those with many years of experience and expertise.

Here, the reader can learn the rudiments of beginning a collection: how to find books, where to buy them, what to collect, how to store the treasures and care for them--and what not to do. No bookplates, no proud owner's signature. Get an embossing tool--in fact, get three--and burn them all, as they are the ruination of good books.

There is a great long list of first books, with approximate values in various decades, and a list of "High Spots of American Literature" and what happened to those prices over the past 60 years. There is so much more in this hefty (552 pages) tome that I could go on and on. If you think this is an area you would like to explore, or would like to know more about if you are already involved, you could not do better than to read this book and then add it to your permanent shelf of vital books. The authors have been running a rare-book business (Quill and Brush in Bethesda, Maryland) for more than 30 years and have produced numerous other volumes dealing with the seemingly arcane world of collectible books, all of which are reader (and collector) friendly. --Otto Penzler

Product Description:
A brand-new, expanded handbook of estimated market values of first printings of first books, revised and updated for the new millennium.

Like its previous editions--hailed as "the standard guide to market worth" (The Washington Post) and "required reading" (Southern Living)--Book Collecting 2000 is more than a simple listing.

It is an exhaustive guide to the basics and finer points of book collecting and the book trade for novice and professional collectors, as well as dealers and librarians. It identifies which books to collect, where and how to buy them, and how to judge their condition and care for them, and provides a glossary of trade terms and lists of dealers.

Book Collecting 2000 also features an introduction looking back over the century, and an examination of how the Internet is affecting both collecting and pricing; and it includes estimated prices for some 6,000 first books, comparing the pricing for the same titles in 1989 and 1995. Notes.

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