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Memoirs of a Bookman

Matthews, Jack

Ohio University Press
Published:January 1, 1990

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Description: From Publishers Weekly
Passionately engaged in reading, dealing in and collecting old books and manuscripts, Matthews, professor of English at Ohio University, has written previously about his literary moonlighting ( Booking in the Heartland ). In these 13 essays he recounts further adventures rambling among and reflecting on many topics sparked by books he has come across at antique shops, farm sales and estate auctions. A subject sampler: Calvin Coolidge's autography, hound dogs, sin, Johnny Appleseed's eccentric respect for all forms of life ("upon one occasion he doused his fire in the woods when he saw mosquitoes flying into it and burning to death") and Mark Twain, in whose company as a yarner Matthews pales. Still, his relish and vigor will win readers: Matthews musters the enthusiasm of the newborn or born-again bibliomaniac while commanding the breadth and knowledge of a seasoned bookman.
Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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