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Civic Librarianship: Renewing the Social Mission of the Public Library : Renewing the Social Mission of the Public Library

McCabe, Ronald B.

Scarecrow Press
Published:March 28, 2001

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Description: From Library Journal
In this dense, very sophisticated tome by the director of the McMillan Memorial Library (Wisconsin Rapids), readers will find (through determined, diligent reading) a reaffirmation of the author's perspective on the traditional mission of the public library which is to serve as a pivotal social institution, a community center, and an essential component of the civil society. Thanks to the growing communitarian movement that is strengthening communities and other endangered social institutions, this has presented public libraries with an opportunity to again avow to their constituency their primary purpose. Drawing heavily on sociologist Amitai Etzioni's works on communitarianism (The Spirit of Community), McCabe links powerful communitarian principles to the potential strength inherent in the fundamental rationale behind public libraries. He emphasizes reestablishing the social authority of public librarians to influence their communities to support education for a democratic society. Following a pedantic beginning discussing America's cultural civil war and its effect on public libraries, McCabe offers a general description of community movement ideas, civic librarianship defined in terms of the institutional reforms this new approach makes possible, and an exploration of the implications that civic librarianship might have for the future of the public library. While McCabe's theme is praiseworthy and relevant for those working hard to define their libraries as something beyond little bookworm programs and keeping up with the newest bodice rippers, his text is so academically arcane as to be mostly relevant for graduate MLIS programs. Dale Farris, Groves, TX
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Product Description:
After decades of cultural warfare and political gridlock, America is beginning to find its balance thanks to a major cultural shift toward strengthening communities and other endangered social structures. "Civic Librarianship" explores the ideas of this new community movement and shows how these ideas can transform public libraries by offering a renewed sense of purpose and powerful new strategies for development. "Civic Librarianship" reaffirms the traditional public library mission of providing education for a democratic society while it offers a new vision for the future of the institution.

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