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Instant Web Forms and Surveys for Children's Services and School Libraries

Junion-Metz, Gail
Metz, Derek

Neal-Schuman Publishers
Published:June, 2001

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Description: From School Library Journal
This manual and the accompanying CD-ROM provide how-to information for adding 24 ready-made forms and surveys to a library's Web site. The audience for this publication includes people who have some experience in designing and implementing Web sites and have a working knowledge of HTML and Perl script. However, the authors do a commendable job of providing brief, clear background material on HTML, forms, tags, and Perl script for novices. A few of the forms/surveys included are: "Training Interests Survey," "Reserve a Library Computer form," "How to Evaluate a Web Site form," and "Get Help with Your Homework form." The information on the CD can be downloaded onto a computer's desktop, edited, and uploaded to a server. Clear directions for using the CD are included. The basic illustrations of the surveys and forms are in black and white, and the language is precise and direct. Overall, this well-organized text is a handy tool for all busy librarians who are interested in developing Web sites.
Beth Jones, Shelby County High School, Shelbyville, KY
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description:
Take the expense and work out of designing and uploading online forms and surveys with these one of a kind toolkits. Each toolkit comes with a manual and CD ROM customized by type of library or service.

Each CD ROM contains:

>24 ready to use forms and surveys
>PERL scripts that enable you to gather surveys online and direct them to a specific e mail address for review, tally, or other action
>A step by step tutorial on how to apply and use the form on your library's Web site
>A selection of graphics and text in different styles and colors
>PDF files of the accompanying manual An easy to read manual provides clear, detailed instructions for customizing the forms/surveys and PERLscripts for your Web site, adapting the PERLscripts so they work on NT servers, uploading the forms/surveys and PERLscripts, and testing them to make sure they work.

Upgrade your Web site without spending hundreds of hours doing it. Select and adapt the forms and surveys that work for you.

For Children's/YA Librarians and School Libraries:

>Ask a Reference Question
>Homework Assignment Help Request
>Assignment Alert
>Citation Help
>One on One Training Request
>Internet Search Help Request
>Sign Up for a Class
>Kids/YA/ Interests Survey
>Training Needs Survey
>Library Computer Reservation
>In Library Cybersurfer Survey
>Remote Cybersurfer Survey
>Recommend a Web Site
>Evaluate a Web Site
>Broken Link Report/Got a Suggestion?
>Sign Our Online Guestbook
>Web Site Content/Usefulness Survey
>Recommend a Book
>Kids/YA/ Reading Interest Survey
>Library Card Application
>Missing Book Report
>Kids/YA/ Program Interests Survey
>Incident Report

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