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Interpreting and Negotiating Licensing Agreements: A Guidebook for the Library, Research, and Teaching Professions

Bielefield, Arlene
Cheeseman, Lawrence

Neal-Schuman Publishers
Published:April 1, 1999

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Description: From Library Journal
Bielefield and Cheeseman, respectively a lawyer and a law librarian, have been writing together about library legal issues for several years. This new book is largely an elaboration of the pages pertaining to licensing in their Technology and Copyright Law (Professional Media, LJ 5/1/97). Licenses are contractsAthe proverbial fine printAthat software and database vendors typically issue in order to regulate their customers' access to and use of their products. This expanded treatment provides the opportunity in Part 1 for a detailed analysis of contract elements and the language of specific license clauses. Part 2 deals with the practical matters of negotiating and accepting a licensing agreement. While the chapter on negotiation is somewhat cursory, overall the book familiarizes the reader with many of the advantages and pitfalls of contract language for libraries. The appendixes include a checklist for evaluating licenses (similar but not identical to the checklist in the previous book), excerpts from the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and a statement of guidelines for academic library acquisition of electronic information. A glossary defines many of the terms used throughout the main body of the text, although, curiously, "merchantability" is broached in the text but not defined in the glossary, and the discussion of parol evidence appears exclusively in the glossary. Recommended for all staff responsible for the purchase of electronic resources.ADean C. Rowan, Whittier P.L.., CA
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description:
What kinds of licensing agreements do librarians, educators, and researchers commonly encounter? How can these best be negotiated? What does all that legalese mean? What do you need from a licensing agreement and how can you get it? Here is a practical guide designed and written to help non-lawyers understand, settle, and respond appropriately to licensing issues for materials in all formats.

Includes a checklist containing factors that help you decide whether or not to negotiate an agreement; which types of licensing agreements serve your purpose; what you need in a license (including language never to agree to and clauses that must be there to protect you and your users); model and suggested clauses; answers to frequent questions librarians and educators have about licenses; and an index of licensing terminology.

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