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Knowledge-Based Systems for General Reference Work: Applications, Problems, and Progress (Library and Information Science)

Richardson, John V., Jr.

Academic Press
Published:February 1, 1995

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Description: Review
"A well-organized and authoritative source... with a fresh analysis of the reference process. The book has excellent indexing and useful appendices to supplement the clearly written text. If you are searching for an authoritative background on KBS and expert systems, you will find this an excellent source."
"This collation of material and Richardson's resulting flow charts of the reference transaction would be helpful for teaching reference work and for analysing the quality of reference service in the workplace...There is enough material here for students to begin to develop their own rules for an expert system or for answering reference questions."
--Julie Dow, School of Communication and Information Studies, University of South Australia, in EDUCATION FOR LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES: AUSTRALIA
"A valuable part of this book is devoted to establishing a paradigm for best reference practice...Another valuable contribution that this book makes to the development of reference praxis is the author's identification of over 1,500 inductive selection strategies using the twelve formats... commendably well-structured...impressively detailed index... well-written, develops logically, is clearly presented, and excellently produced... invaluable."
"A fascinating history and summary of research on reference work... Lengthy bibliography and index."
--Sandy Whiteley in AMERICAN LIBRARIES
"A useful acquisition for students and scholars in the library and information science... The best flowchart of reference work that this reviewer has encountered, and it has had pedagogical usefulness. Chapter 6 and 7... are impressive accomplishments. [The book] gives a good overview of the field and serves as a supplement to basic texts in reference work.... The author has made an important contribution to the ongoing process of developing information systems and services."
"We considered it a masterful statement of the progress and challenges facing the development of KBS as it applies to reference. It's quite readable and contains information that many people in the field will find interesting and exciting... A chapter on the future of KBS completes this thorough and thoughtful study. This book represents an important work in the field."
--AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE who named this title the Best Information Science Book for 1995
"Richardson's text should stand as the definitive treatise on KBS and libraries for years to come. Highly recommended for academic and graduate school libraries."
--Gary D. Barber, SUNY College at Fredonia, in JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP
"This volume offers the academic practitioner a number of valuable tools... a good introduction to KBS... an extremely well-annotated directory and review of extant KBS systems... an equally well-annotated list of expert system shells... his thirty-four plus element flowchart model for reference work is one of the most intriguing aspects of the book. The possible appeal of this book to librarians lacking knowledge about KBS or to managers seeking to provide service with increasingly diminished budgets is obvious."
"This book provides a comprehensive review of the effects of man-made noise on marine mammals... this book is very timely given the growing concern about underwater noise as a form of habitat degradation in the marine environment... In addition to its applied relevance for conservation biology, this book also includes an excellent primer on marine bioacoustics... the authors have done a masterful job of providing a review basic enough for biologists to understand sound in the ocean... I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in bioacoustic."
--Peter L. Tyack, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, in ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR
"(This book) presents librarians with a fresh analysis of the reference process. The book has

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