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Management for Research Libraries Cooperation: Papers from the Association of American Universities and Arl (Association of Research Libraries) Program for Electronic Publishing and Shared Global

Lee, Sul H. (Editor)

Haworth Information Press
Published:January 1, 2001

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Description: From Booklist
Keeping up with the unique and fast-changing nomenclature of HIV and AIDS poses a special challenge to persons living with HIV infection and with AIDS, as well as to health-care providers and caregivers. It is not surprising, therefore, that the pandemic has given rise to a number of specialized reference sources that provide either dictionary or encyclopedic treatment of the maze of new language and old as it applies to the topic.

This resource is a concise compilation of common terms, including major phrases, abbreviations, acronyms, and slang. Current and historical terms, both general and specialized, including medical terminology, are covered. There is also key information about major organizations and institutions, including histories, addresses, telephone numbers, and Web sites, where appropriate and available. Cross-references are provided from abbreviations, acronyms, vernacular, and product names to the appropriate headings. Contact information for governmental entities in the U.S. that sponsor programs or provide information regarding HIV/AIDS is listed in the appendix. Definitions are arranged in easy-to-use alphabetical order and, for the most, are easy to understand. Most are one to five sentences in length. Sources are not provided, and the lack of a bibliography is a further shortcoming.

This work is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of terms associated with the pandemic. Nor is it intended to be a scholarly treatment either of the verbiage included in discussions of HIV and AIDS or of the surrounding medical, legal, social, psychological, or religious issues. Readers seeking a more comprehensive or scholarly resource are better served by titles such as the Encyclopedia of AIDS: A Social, Political, Cultural, and Scientific Record of the HIV Epidemic (Fitzroy-Dearborn, 1998). The volume under review is most appropriate for public libraries as a source of quick explanations and a starting place for further research. RBB
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Hardcover edition.

Product Description:
For librarians, AIDS service organizations, people living with AIDS, and the general public, the Encyclopedic Dictionary of AIDS-Related Terminology is a comprehensive guide to conditions and medical terms associated with HIV/AIDS. Including words specific to the epidemic and psychosocial phrases, this essential volume offers you definitions of HIV/AIDS medications and listings of organizations and government agencies that are concerned with the disease. With this single resource, you will be able to easily and thoroughly understand the sometimes complex jargon associated with HIV/AIDS. --This text refers to the

Hardcover edition.

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