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Bibliotherapy with Young People: Librarians and Mental Health Professionals Working Together

Doll, Beth
Doll, Carol

Libraries Unlimited
Published:March 15, 1997

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Description: From School Library Journal
The authors, faculty respectively in a school psychology program and a school of library and information science, discuss bibliotherapy and offer a five-step model for programs developed collaboratively by librarians and mental health professionals. They see bibliotherapy as a continuum that runs from simple developmental bibliotherapy, as in the case of a child gaining personal insight from reading, to clinical bibliotherapy, as in the case of a seriously disturbed child gaining a better state of health. The book is not as clear as it could be in defining either its intended audience?is it for librarians in schools and public libraries??or its terms?who is a bibliotherapist? Furthermore, despite the book's collaborative premise, the chapter "Cautions for Bibliotherapy Leaders" implies that librarians will be solo bibliotherapists, a daunting prospect for some. The Dolls recommend, for example, that when a child mentions suicide, the librarian should "alert the parents immediately." And if the child has "made detailed and realistic plans for suicide...librarians and media specialists should consult immediately with mental health professionals to determine whether the child should be detained while parents are informed." Doesn't the book imply that these professionals are already working together? This is a suggested purchase primarily for librarians who work with mental health professionals in schools and therapeutic settings.?Ann D. Carlson, Dominican University
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Product Description:
Drawing on their respective roles as a school library media specialist and a psychologist, these authors present a comprehensive five-step model of bibliotherapy. They explore how it can be used to match the nature and prevalence of the mental health needs of children and young adults. Within the five steps, activities that comprise diverse bibliotherapy programs are described and competencies necessary for bibliotherapy practice are examined. Extensive references to the professional literature and a sample program that reflects the team-based planning process advocated by the authors conclude this invaluable resource.

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