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Building Better Web Pages: A How-to-Do-It Manual for Librarians

Song, Yuwu

Neal-Schuman Publishers
Published:November 1, 2003

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Description: From Booklist
Designed to show readers how to create functional yet appealing Web pages with interactive and multimedia components, this resource emphasizes the structure and design of Web site creation. Chapters explore planning and developing library Web sites, HTML basics and beyond, designing Web graphics, Web formats and multimedia, advanced Web technology, and future planning of sites. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM that is designed to be used simultaneously with the text. Readers will find two major categories of data on this CD: figures; and source codes, templates, and other technical content, all of which add greatly to the ideas that are articulated. The author presents information in a straightforward way, illustrating concepts with plenty of examples and practical applications. A first-rate manual. RBB
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Product Description:
A practical introduction to Web design in a library setting, this book begins with a non-technical overview of the various functions library Web sites can serve, and then presents a process for planning, designing, and developing them.

Defining the library's goal for the site, planning content with the user in mind, producing and promoting the site, and keeping it current are all covered from both managerial and technical perspectives. Separate chapters on purely technical content provide reliable documentation, recommend appropriate software tools, and provide references for more complete information. These chapters cover: HTML Basics, Beyond HTML, Web Graphics, Multimedia, Interactivity, and Other Web Formats and Technologies.

Sites with key information and/or programs to download are listed and a CD-ROM complete with sample products, templates, and source codes will make your work far simpler.

No other package available is as thorough, hands-on, and specific to library site design as this one.

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