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Creating a Power Web Site: Html, Tables, Imagemaps, Frames, and Forms

Junion-Metz, Gail
Stephens, Brad

Neal-Schuman Publishers
Published:November 1, 1998

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Description: From Library Journal
This book is not a comprehensive HTML manual designed for creating library homepages. The HTML tags included are based on HTML version 3.2 and not the current version 4. The decision by the authors to use the previous version of HTML is based on both the uneven implementation of HTML 4 tags and the continued use in many homes and libraries of computers that have not been upgraded to the latest HTML 4 capable browsers. This may be true for now, but HTML 4 tags will eventually be more widely used. A chapter on current tags and style sheets would have made this book more timely and comparable to current HTML 4 manuals. Presented are the basic tags needed for creating a library homepage; the more advanced HTML 3.2 tags, including those for tables, frames, imagemaps, and forms, are also covered. In addition, there is a detailed chapter on library-oriented PERL/ CGI scripts for adding interactivity to a homepage and handling form data. The accompanying CD-ROM, requiring a computer with a CD-ROM drive and web browser software, contains HTML examples, an evaluation imagemap editor program, PERL/CGI implementation software, and scripts with corresponding HTML documents. The forms and PERL scripts cover such library services as interlibrary loan, reserve/hold materials, library card applications, and material requests. Each chapter ends with a review and short quiz. The appendixes include a glossary of general, HTML, and PERL terms; a classified bibliography that includes print and web resources; HTML equivalent (special) characters; hexadecimal color codes; and a PERL "Cheat Sheet." Unfortunately, the price of the book prevents a wholehearted recommendation. It's not simply overpriced, it's outrageously overpriced. The HTML tags included can be found in any good HTML manual, even an older edition. The library-oriented HTML documents, forms, and PERL/CGI scripts are helpful and reflect the authors' effort and collective expertise (Junion-Metz is School Library Journal's Internet columnist and author of several web guides), but this still does not justify the high cost. Even a continuing education class on HTML or PERL/CGI would be less expensive than this book. For those interested in learning PERL/CGI programming, consider Rafe Coburn's Teach Yourself CGI Programming in a Week (Computer Media, LJ 8/98).ARobert Battenfeld, Long Island Univ.
Southampton Lib., NY
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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