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Digital Imaging: A Practical Handbook

Lee, Stuart D.

Neal-Schuman Publishers
Published:March, 2001

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Description: From Library Journal
This excellent introduction to digital imaging is a useful, understandable, step-by-step primer for anyone embarking on such a project. Anne Kenney and Oya Rieger's also excellent Moving Theory into Practice (Professional Media, LJ 1/01) contains more technical information on the actual process of digital imaging but less on the preparatory steps that must be completed before such a project is undertaken. Lee (head of the Centre for Humanities Computing, Oxford University Computing Services) provides flowcharts and worksheets for decision-making and budget preparation. These are extremely useful in beginning a digital imaging project, particularly if the institution has no previous experience with digitization. Careful attention is also paid to postdigitizing steps including cataloging, using metadata, delivery systems, archiving, copyright, and image protection. Even librarians who will not be digitizing materials themselves would benefit from an understanding of the pitfalls and problems faced by those who do. Recognizing how such projects are accomplished, what the outcome is, and how the materials may be organized helps anyone who will be using digitized collections. This is essential reading for all librarians.DMargaret Sylvia, St. Mary's Univ. Lib., San Antonio
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Product Description:
This guided tour of the digitization process takes the reader from selecting what to digitize right through the actual digitization process, incorporating project funding and management.

Lee addresses both the specifics of digitization technology and the decision-making factors facing libraries of every size and type.

Chapters include: assessing collections, digitization techniques, metadata, delivery, archiving, preservation, image and text, managing projects, a bibliography and further reading. The wealth of flowcharts, checklists, and matrixes will help librarians and other information professionals make informed decisions and achieve cost and time efficiencies. Anyone exploring the potential of digitization, investigating new ways to support learning on campus or in the community, or seeking new answers to preservation and access questions will appreciate this practical and comprehensive handbook.

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