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Encyclopedia of New Media : An Essential Reference to Communication and Technology

Jones, Steve (Editor)

SAGE Publications
Published:December 10, 2002

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Description: From School Library Journal
Grade 10 Up-From "Cookies" to "Copyleft," "Blogs" to "Wireless Networks," "Brian Eno" to "Steven P. Jobs," this comprehensive map of modern media's technological and sociological terrain makes an essential guide for library users bewildered by the seismic changes that the past few decades have brought. Sandwiched between opening alphabetical and topical tables of contents, and a reasonably thick index, approximately 250 signed articles are arranged in a single alphabet; each one is a serious, specific topical or biographical study, enhanced by closing lists of scholarly sources and a generous number of cross-references. Along with articles about ARPANET, Vannevar Bush's prescient 1945 essay "As We May Think," and other nods to the antediluvian past, hot-button subjects of current interest such as the Communications Decency Act or the MP3 controversy receive detailed treatment, and entries on "Gender and New Media," "Telecommuting," and "Race and Ethnicity and New Media," among others, broaden the focus. Despite its stingy selection of murky black-and-white photographs, this volume merits serious consideration, even for midsize collections, as a major and well-organized source of new or hard-to-find information on a mind-bending array of topics.
John Peters, New York Public Library
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description:

"Scholars and students finally have a reference work documenting the foundations of the digital revolution. Were it not the only reference book to cover this emergent field, Jones's encyclopedia would still likely be the best."

"The articles are interesting, entertaining, well written, and reasonably long. . . . highly recommended as a worthwhile and valuable addition to both science and technology and social science reference collections."

From to virtual communities, this single-volume encyclopedia presents more than 250 entries that explain communication technology, multimedia, entertainment, and e-commerce within their social context.

Edited by Steve Jones, one of the leading scholars and founders of this emerging field, and with contributions from an international group of scholars as well as science and technology writers and editors, the Encyclopedia of New Media widens the boundaries of today's information society through interdisciplinary, historical, and international coverage. With such topics as broadband, content filtering, cyberculture, cyberethics, digital divide, freenet, MP3, privacy, telemedicine, viruses, and wireless networks, the Encyclopedia will be an indispensable resource for anyone interested or working in this field.

Unlike many encyclopedias that provide short, fragmented entries, the Encyclopedia of New Media examines each subject in depth in a single, coherent article. Many articles span several pages and are presented in a large, double-column format for easy reading. Each article also includes the following:

A bibliography
Suggestions for further reading
Links to related topics in the Encyclopedia
Selected works, where applicable

Entries include:

Pioneers, such as Marc Andreesen, Marshall McLuhan, and Steve Jobs
Terms, from "Access" to "Netiquette" to "Web-cam"
Technologies, including Bluetooth, MP3, and Linux
Businesses, such as
Key labs, research centers, and foundations
Laws, and much more

The Encyclopedia of New Media includes a comprehensive index as well as a reader's guide that facilitates browsing and easy access to information.

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