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Fundraising for Libraries: 25 Proven Ways to Get More Money for Your Library (How-To-Do-It Manuals for Libraries)

Swan, James

Neal-Schuman Publishers
Published:June, 2002

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Description: From Library Journal
In this super collection of fundraising advice, tips, and suggestions that is relevant for all libraries, Swan (dir., Central Kansas Library System and the Great Bend Public Library) expands on his previous Fundraising for the Small Public Library (1990). Designed to help librarians find needed money, Swan's handy guide examines key elements of fundraising, reviews methods for increasing regular funding, explores successful grant writing, discusses ways to find funds for capital improvements, presents steps in soliciting money, explains the principles of passive fundraising, and discusses how to enlist help from other sources. The second part includes an excellent, clear discussion of Swan's 25 proven techniques, including such successful efforts as initiating capital campaigns for buildings, promoting deferred giving, passing bond issues, passing referenda for funds, building endowments, lobbying for state support, holding auctions of donated goods, sending direct mail solicitation, and soliciting memorial gifts. While some of these ideas may validate existing efforts, many will likely delight readers eager for creative, new ways to generate additional funds. Swan is to be commended for adding this important discussion about fundraising principles, including forming the right attitude about raising funds, creating a positive image in the minds of library customers about library services, providing library customers with what they want, and making sure donors are publicly recognized for their support. Highly recommended for all libraries, especially those now experiencing financial distress.
Dale Farris, Groves, TX
Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description:
Anyone who wants to raise extra money for a library must have this book! This inspiring guide brings the great principles of fundraising into focus and clearly illustrates 25 proven techniques you can put to work for your library today. Matching donors with funding opportunities, conducting auctions, soliciting donations on the Internet, lobbying legislatures, managing direct-mail campaigns, raising money through taxes, applying for grants, soliciting memorial gifts, and dozens of other methods become true possibilities in Jim Swan's enjoyable presentation.

Learn about the psychology of sales, the keys to active and passive fundraising, and the ways to determine which moneymaking process best fits your current need. Do your library and community a favor--the funds are out there for you to be making a difference today.

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