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How to Create Your Own African American Library


One World/Ballantine
Published:November 4, 2003

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Description: From Booklist
Ferebee, a former book reviewer, occasional contributor to National Public Radio, and creator of a black book Web site, brings a fervent love of books and reading to this informative resource on collecting and caring for books on African American heritage. Ferebee begins with general information on books, including how to care for them properly. Her recommendations, preceded by information on the genre and the cultural or historic context for the particular works, are divided into fiction and nonfiction with subcategories that include slave narratives, autobiographies and biographies, colonial literature to contemporary fiction, and arts and entertainment. She offers separate chapters on special collections and children's literature. Ferebee concludes with resources for securing the recommended books. A valuable resource for readers interested in creating a "legacy" collection of books on African Americans from classics to contemporary fiction and nonfiction. Vanessa Bush
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Product Description:

"Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power."

Here is the first book ever written to help African Americans build a home library that celebrates the diversity of their culture and heritage. How to Create Your Own African American Library truly does unlock the door to knowledge and power.

With warm and expert commentary, experienced book reviewer and avid reader Dorothy Ferebee reviews and recommends books that will help you to build your own home library. Inside you'll discover:

Nonfiction: From autobiography to history, including Resistance and Rebellion Against Slavery and the Civil Right Movement.
Fiction: Literature that explores the many facets of the African American life.
Culture and Anthropology: Books that will open doors to new insights on the African American experience.
Children's books: From picture books to teenage fiction-books that empower children and make them proud of who they are.
Health: Guides that teach you how to take the very best care of yourself, with attention to health issues that affect African Americans.
Plus books on Travel, Music, Poetry, and Special Collections!

Here's all you need to know to create a mini-university in your own home, one that is open every day to support the highest aspirations of yourself, your children, and their children.

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