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Indexing: A Nuts-and-Bolts Guide for Technical Writers

Ament, Kurt

Noyes Publications
Published:July 1, 2001

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Description: From Book News, Inc.
This guide for technical writers and students describes a simple sequential indexing method for all types of print and on-line documentation. The method may also be adapted to index on-line help systems, product specifications, reference manuals, technical libraries, and websites. In addition to step-by-step indexing instructions, the volume contains detailed guidelines for such elements as acronyms, capitalization, nesting, page ranges, and product names. Ament is a freelance technical writer, editor, and indexer.Copyright # 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Product Description:

Indexing: A Practical Guide for Technical Writers is a nuts-and-bolts guide to indexing. It explains in plain language and by example exactly how to index any type of print or online publication quickly, easily, and effectively. The sequential indexing method presented in the book has been battle-tested in high pressure publishing organizations in a variety of high-tech industries over the space of a decade. Because it is based on real-world success, this indexing method is bulletproof. Users of this guide will succeed as an indexer.

Unlike other books on the subject, this book is focused on readers, not the subject itself. The book speaks directly to highly practical and often anti-academic technical writers who demand usability, reusability, and reliability. It is geared to people with "Keep It Simple, Stupid" signs on their cubicle walls.

Proven end-user documentation techniques are employed to present proven indexing methods to readers who themselves develop end-user documentation for a living. They have zero tolerance for academic white papers on indexing. So, the book delivers the hard facts.

Key Features:

- Teaches anyone how to index any type of documentation in a very short time with minimal effort.

- Provides a highly structured yet flexible indexing strategy that any organization can adapt in any medium.

- Benefits three levels of readers: professional writers, technical publications managers, teachers and students.

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