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Collecting Basketball Cards: A Complete Guide With Prices

Bonner, Mike

Published:April 1, 2000

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Description: About the Author
Mike Bonner has written about sports and sports collectibles for Sports Collectors Digest, Sports Map Magazine, Old Oregon, Beckett Vintage Sports, Sports Cards Gazette, Treasure Chest, and Oregon Sports News. From 1992 to 1993, Mike covered the football card hobby for Tuff Stuff Magazine. In 1993, Mike solved the mystery of the player on the fabled 1890s Mayo "Anonymous" football card, a hobby landmark. Mike's 1995 book, Collecting Football Cards, A Complete Guide with Prices, is a Krause Publications title and is widely recognized as the best work on the subject to date. Along with co-author Carl Lamendola, a noted football card expert, Mike continues to publish groundbreaking articles on the football card hobby in Sports Collectors Digest, Sports Cards Gazette, and many other publications. Mike has written exciting sports biographies of major league pitcher Randy Johnson, hockey star Paul Kariya, NBA forward Shawn Kemp, and NASCAR race driver Jeremy Mayfield.

A graduate of the University of Oregon, Mike lives in Eugene, Oregon, and is married to Carol Kleinheksel. Mike and Carol have a school age daughter, Karen Nicole. Mike believes that sports can bring out the best in human beings, both as participants and spectators. Mike's daughter Karen is a competitive swimmer for the Eugene YMCA team and a gifted all-around athlete. Carol is a medal-winning runner who regularly competes in 5K road races. At sports events, Mike can usually be found in front of his notebook computer, working on a variety of projects.

Product Description:
Mike Bonner's basketball card collecting guide is the absolute lowdown on this great American hobby. He takes basketball cards from the low post to the high post and in the process shows us how to get the most from this wonderful pastime.

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