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Organizer Series

Organizer does not run at all (Exception Error on startup).


1) Try the following:

  • Under your Organizer home directory locate DATA directory.
  • Move DATA.DBF and DATA.DBT files from DATA to DATA\BACKUP directory.
  • Delete DATA.MDX file from DATA directory.
  • Run the Organizer and, after it creates an empty database, run Advanced/Maintenance/Restore function.

2) If the Organizer still does not start try the following (for 32-bit version only):

  • Delete all files from BDE directory e.g. C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE
  • Download file and unzip it into C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE directory.
  • Download file and unzip it into some temporary directory.
  • Run Bdenet.exe and follow the instructions. On the final page click on Update Registry and, then, on Test BDE. If the BDE Test completes successfully try to run the Organizer. Otherwise, there is something wrong with your system.

3) If the BDE Test is successful but the Organizer still does not run try the following:

  • Copy all DBF, DBT, and MDX files from your Organizer DATA directory to some temporary location (if you want to save your databases), for example DATA.DBF, DATA.DBT, DATA.MDX, DATA_1.DBF, DATA_1.DBT, DATA_1.MDX, LIST1.DBF, LIST2.DBF, etc.
  • Uninstall the Organizer (through Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs).
  • Run Bdenet.exe and make sure that BDE Test still completes successfully. If not, reinstall BDE as above in 2).
  • Reinstall the Organizer from the original installation disks or file (run Setup.exe) and try to run it.
  • Exit from the Organizer and copy DATA.DBF, DATA.DBT, DATA.MDX and all LISTn.DBF files to the Organizer DATA directory. Then, start the Organizer and if it does not start repeat step 1).
  • If you had more than 1 database (DATA_1.DBF, DATA_2.DBF, etc.) do the following:

    • Move all DATA_n.DBF, and DATA_n.DBT (n is 1, 2,etc.) files to DATA\BACKUP under the Organizer directory;
    • Start the Organizer and for each database file click on Load, then, New and select a new database; then, click on Advanced/Maintenance/Restore.

 4) On some systems the 32-bit Organizers may not run if installed in a directory with a long path e.g. c:\Program Files\Primasoft\

If nothing else works you may have to reinstall the Organizer using the directory suggested by the Setup program.



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