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Problems running one of the Organizers on a network?


1) Who needs the full version of BDE?
Shareware versions of our software that use BDE (e.g. Internet organizer) contain incomplete version of BDE. It works fine on a single-user system, however, you will not be able to use it on a network in a multi-user environment. If you need to evaluate shareware version of our software in a multi-user environment you need to install the full version of BDE before installing our software.

2) Which of your programs use BDE?
Our new Organizers use BDE (Internet, Books, Music, Movies, Stamps, Coins Organizers).

3) Why don't you include the full version of BDE in your software?

The reason is that we want to keep our shareware versions as small as possible. The full version of BDE takes a lot of space.

4) Do you include the full BDE in the registered versions of your software?

5) Do I need to Uninstall the shareware version of your software before installing the full BDE?
Yes, we strongly recommend that you Uninstall our software first, then install the full BDE and finally reinstall our software.

6) How do I install BDE on a network so that it can be accessed from other workstations?

  • 16-bit version of BDE
  • After installing the full BDE on a server copy WIN.INI file from Windows directory to a diskette and take the diskette to every workstation that will have access to the database. Open WIN.INI file that you copied to a diskette (e.g. use Notepad) and find the following sections:
    [IDAPI] and [Borland Language Drivers]. Now, Copy those 2 sections to the Clipboard and open WIN.INI file on the workstation. Paste
    previously copied 2 sections at the end of WIN.INI file. Change Drive letters (e.g. C:) in both sections to the Server drive as accessed from the workstation (e.g. F:). For example:
    [Borland Language Drivers]
    Repeat this for every workstation that will have access to the database.
  • 32-bit version of BDE
  • After installing the full BDE on a server the Windows Registry must be modified (using Regedit.exe) on every workstation that will have access to the database. Use the following steps:
    - Locate this Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland] and Export it to a file (this is on the server);
    - now open the exported file in a text editor and find this key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland\Database Engine]
    - below this key change the drive letter (e.g. C:) to the Server Drive letter (e.g. F:):
    "DLLPATH"="F:\\Program Files\\Borland\\Common Files\\BDE";
    "CONFIGFILE01"="F:\\Program Files\\Borland\\Common Files\\BDE\\IDAPI32.CFG";
    (this is assuming that your server is mapped as drive F: and BDE is installed in \Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE directory on the server);
    - save the edited file;
    - take the exported file to every workstation and Import it (using Regedit.exe); 

After BDE is configured on every workstation install Organizer software on the server and all workstations that will use it. Start the installed software (on every workstation) and change the following Options:
- Users page: set Multi-User System;
- Security page: set Data Root Directory to your server Organizer directory e.g. if Organizer software is installed on the server in C:\16PSIO and your server is mapped as F: drive set Data Root Directory to F:\16PSIO.

Click below to download the full version of BDE:
16-bit version of BDE (1.7 MB)
32-bit version of BDE (2.4 MB)

Another way of testing our software in a multi-user environment is to register a single-user version of our software (it comes with the full BDE) and extend the license to more users later (after testing the software).



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