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I cannot download a file when AutoFtp is running as a Service and I am logged off. The error message in the log says: "the local file could not be opened".

This problem occurs only when the download folder has access rights restricted to one or several users (other than Everyone). The simplest solution is to change the access rights to Everyone.

If this is not acceptible you can do the following: When you are logged in as Administrator after installing Auto Ftp as a Service go to Services Console, right-click on Auto Ftp and select Properties from the popup menu. Then, click on Log On tab, select "This account" option and select whatever user has full access rights for the download folder. If you have more than one download folder owned by different users you can create a new user (e.g. AutoFtp) and give access rights for all those folders to AutoFtp user (in addition to the users already having access rights).



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