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    An African American Cookbook: Traditional and Other Favorite Recipes

    Bailey, Phoebe
    Johnson, Christina G.
    Morant, Kesha M.

    Good Books
    Published: August, 2002
    ISBN: 1561483524

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    Book Description
    About the Author
    Phoebe M. Bailey was born to John Cornelius and Margaret Marie Bailey, the youngest of 15 children, in Huntington, Long Island, New York. Phoebe currently resides in ChurchTowne of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with her son Piindamon. Phoebe has been encouraged by her father's strength and courage as a black man, and inspired by her mother's faith in God and undeniable intelligence as a black woman, to embrace herself and her African heritage.

    and#160;and#160;and#160; Phoebe began her career with Bethel Harambee Historical Services as a call from God. She left the corporate world to work closely with her brother, the Reverend Edward M. Bailey, and the congregation of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, to preserve and tell the stories of those Africans who have been discounted and left out of traditional American history and to restore and rebuild a community of promise.

    and#160;and#160;and#160; Phoebe is the executive director of "Living The Experience," a spiritual Underground Railroad reenactment. She is also one of the reenactors. Her ministry is to sing the song of an awesome God, who continues to deliver His people.

    Product Description:
    An African American Cookbook: Traditional and Other Favorite Recipes is a wonderful collection of traditional recipes and food memories, as well as contemporary favorite foods. All of the dishes celebrate lusty African American eating; the traditional foods reflect the ingenious, resourceful, and imaginative Africans who made them.

    and#160;and#160;and#160; Included are Pastor's Famous Ribs, Shortbread, Cracklin' Cornbread, Okra Gumbo, Smoked Turkey and Black-Eyed Peas, New Orleans Red Beans and Rice, Cabbage with Collard Greens, Peach Cobbler, and Sweet Potato Pudding.

    and#160;and#160;and#160; Coupled with these old-time dishes are today's favorite recipes- Yogurt and Chives Biscuits, Braided Easter Bread, Pecan Cake, Five-Flavor Pound Cake, Primavera Pizza, Shrimp Bake, Roast Turkey with Oyster Cornbread Stuffing, Cajun Cassoulet, and Minestrone with Tortellini.

    and#160;and#160;and#160; Woven among the 400 recipes are rich historical anecdotes and sayings. They were discovered or lived by this cookbook's contributors, many of whose ancestors participated in the Underground Railroad or lived nearby where it was active.

    and#160;and#160;and#160; Presented in an easy-to-use format for cooks of all traditions, this is a cookbook rich in history and rich in easy-to-prepare, wonderfully tasty food.

    and#160;and#160;and#160; Author Phoebe Bailey's congregation in historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was a station on the Underground Railroad. Today they, and their own Harambee Historical Services (meaning "pulling together to build" in Swahili), offer Underground Railroad re-enactments and a buffet of traditional African American food to their many visitors. This cookbook celebrates those historic activities, when this church fed and then helped to spirit enslaved Africans to safety.

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