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Phone Fields and Simple Text Fields have a new popup menu item called Set Entry Mask.
Set Entry Mask allows you to set a mask for Simple Text and Phone fields. You can use this function in the following situations:

  • Phone mask \(999\)AAA\-AAAA will allow entries: (___)232-23232, (604)OUR-NUMB
  • Invoice number mask LL000\-0000 will allow entries: AC989-2344, BC090-2343
  • ISBN number mask 0\-00\-000000\-0 will allow entries: 2-33-343434-9, 9-23-323298-8 (note: the mask does not validate the ISBN number)
  • Canadian Social Insurance Number mask 000\ 000\ 000 will allow entries: 234 123 232, 848 848 848 (note: the mask does not validate the number)

phone field: set entry mask

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